A Mexican Adventure to MUSA!

A Mexican Adventure to MUSA!

A couple of years ago I had the chance to visit Isla Mujeres in Mexico. It was AMAZING. All the COLOUR, creativity (and of course food!) was so energising!

While there I visited the underwater world of Jason De Caires Taylor, at the purpose built underwater museum, MUSA, just off the coast of Isla Mujeres, where I took in the breathtaking underwater installation.

You can easily see the sculptures as you snorkel!


Consisting of over 500 submerged, life sized human replica casts, the MUSA installation is accessible only by boat. Situated in depths of between 4 and 8 meters, the in-situ sculptures are easily seen by snorkeling visitors. It was such a unique experience visiting this underwater gallery. With sites globally, I’m looking forward to eventually visiting all of them!

Lots of wildlife around…


The museum aims to demonstrate the connection between art and environmental science. The sculptures themselves are made from a material that not only promotes but actively encourages marine life to colonise and thrive. The site also promotes the recovery of natural reefs as it draws visitors away from affected areas to MUSA, which has become one of the largest and most ambitious underwater art exhibits in the world.

I can’t wait to explore more of his locations!


DeCaires Taylor has become the human face of marine ecology. An advocate for marine conservation.

I love this sentiment:

“We call it a museum for a very important reason. Museums are places of preservation, conservation and education. They’re places where we keep objects of great value to us, where we value them simply for being themselves.” 

-Jason deCaires Taylor

Such good fun and a really unique gallery visit!


You can hear from Jason deCaires Taylor himself, on his TED talk presentation. What he is doing is so unique and important in terms of marine conservation. He provides the conversational starting point, which is incredibly important for the continued development within this field. Our marine ecosystems depend on the promotion and changing of social consciousness, this is why his works, which spark this conversation between so many, is vital.

The colours… the food- just bliss


While on Isla Mujeres I loved wandering around sampling all the delicious street food! I also loved taking in all the colours, the painted skulls and general vibe of the island!

One of the most magical experiences i’ve had


I was also lucky enough that while I was there It was whale shark season, so I was able to snorkel alongside those incredible creatures. I chose to go with an eco tour. There are so many tours out there but I was conscious that I wanted to try and take one that really had the animals welfare as a priority. I went with Eco Colors and would thoroughly recommend them. It was such an amazing experience that you simply MUST do if you get the chance, well worth the money!

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