who am I?

I’m Anna, a creative explorer from Scotland and the person behind OiOi Arts. I LOVE travel and experiencing new places and seeing ALL the art!

I am combining my love of all things arty with my need to travel, resulting in the creation of OiOi Arts! The name stems partly from my time in Vietnam where ơi is used endearingly in greetings with the appropriate pronoun, as well as my own way of getting the attention of students in a class by shouting oi!

OiOi Arts is a kind of East meets West fusion!

I have discovered that Art is something that transcends language. I have worked with children with little or no English but through creativity, the barrier that language poses just melts away. Its a great way to interact, push boundaries and meet people that you might not ordinarily have the opportunity to do so otherwise. I have travelled through SE Asia and parts of Europe, engaging artistically with local communities, transferring skills and giving something back as I take incredible experiences and learn new skills in the process.

So, whats NEXT?! This year I will be setting up a FAIR TRADE ARTS PLATFORM which i’m SUPER excited about! As I travelled in SE Asia I was blown away by the skills and artistry of local artists. It saddened me that here they were, selling their masterpieces for peanuts while here in the West they would sell for a lot more- reflecting the skill, passion and time spent to create. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO SEE CHANGE…
I’m still piecing it together but watch this space for an update soon!
miles travelled
cups of tea
paintbrushes washed
languages overheard

Featured Artist – Helen Ruth 

Textile designer Helen Greensmith has built up a successful scarf business [Helen Ruth], since she left Grays School of Art in 2008. Her colourful, unique pieces always make me smile and she is to me, and many others i’m sure, an inspiration as to what artists can achieve in a life outside of Art School!

I like to have that element of surprise. On the surface, at first glance they look to be pretty colour and pattern, and then when you take a closer look you’ll find something slightly sinister lurking in there

We Need You!

Along with building a FAIR TRADE ARTS PLATFORM this year, to help support and promote SE Asian artists, I also want to continue promoting and giving exposure to ALL ARTISTS! Artists


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I will be introducing new info blog bites! on Art as a Business and how to get ahead shortly.

5 Arty things to do in Florence

5 Arty things to do in Florence

There is SO much to see and do in Florence and if ART is your thing, it’s THE place to be! I visited last week and as [just a bit!] of an art enthusiast, loved every second. It’s not a huge place so you can comfortably do it in a couple of days… if you’re…

Street Art in Florence

Street Art in Florence

Of course a city visit wouldn’t be complete without a STREET ART recce! As a city renowned for housing some of Europe’s most recognisable pieces, I had always been curious to see what the current, more contemporary vibe was at street level. I was actually pretty surprised there wasn’t more! From what I did see,…

Street Art Experience in Florence

Street Art Experience in Florence

I loved seeing all the great art in Florence. I visited the Uffizi and saw the Birth of Venus, I took in the beautiful Boboli gardens and walked the streets, taking in the atmosphere and Florentine architecture. I even brought home my own tiny David statue – yes, i’m THAT tourist apparently! BUT I wanted more.…


To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.

-Hans Christian Andersen-